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The reason for this website is to help old friends connect. Please use the box below to tell everyone the following:
  • Where you spent your first summer after NELFTY.
  • Where you went to college.
  • What your first job out of college was.
  • Who's your spouse, if you have one. And your kids?
  • What you've learned about life.
  • Are you involved in the Jewish community now or have you drifted away?
  • What did/does NELFTY mean to you now?
  • How you got here from there.
  • What do you do for a living?

Please note:  the questions above are just a guide....answer them, if you wish, or get creative !!  Write a few paragraphs....write a narrative....whatever you type in will be read by anyone clicking on your name in the "NELFTY Roster" after you're done. 

REMEMBER: If you don't answers the questions above and put SOMETHING in the box below, no one is going to know what you've been doing - or what you're doing now - after all these years.  All they will see is your name and contact info.

If you have comments or questions concerning the website, please send email to

NELFTY Reunion
(Classes of 1970 - 1973)
Cleveland, 1980

To our knowledge, there have been only two NELFTY reunions. In 1980, the classes of 1970-1973 got together in Cleveland. You'll find the group photo below. Find out just who these people are (hint: that's Terry Pollack in the back row, center, with the madras shirt and moustache).

NELFTY Reunion - Cleveland, 1980

NELFTY Reunion
(Classes of 1969 - 1974)
Toronto, 2003

In 2003, the NELFTY classes of 1969-1974 got together in Toronto. Below, you'll see the group photo from that event.

Find out here who's in the photo below.

NELFTY Reunion - Toronto, 2003